Friday, May 9, 2008

Doom days are back?

Not for me, even tough I fell tempted by the recent announcement of Doom 4, my "green" days of marine are over. Doom was the reason I became so interested by computers, since I just came to have a PC (486 dx2 66Mhz) only on 1994 when doom had just been released by id.
Doom not only mark my days as a gamer but as a programmer too as it had some heavy requirements (for that time) in terms of memory I started to hack on config.bat and autoexec.bat and latter I even manage to create/setup a network just to play doom. Doom multiplayer is the reason why I've previosly state it as my "green" days, I always was the green marine on my neighbors screens since it was a caracteristic of doom, probably it was because my network card/mac address as I've once swapped with one of my neighbors and I end up with his color and vice-versa.

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