Tuesday, April 22, 2008

BlueZ GSoC projects

First time participant as organization BlueZ got 5 slots in GSoC 2008:

Integration of the Bluetooth Audio service with PulseAudio
mentor: me
student: João Paulo Rechi Vita

Joao Paulo and I will be working on it to bring a transparent support to
PulseAudio of both stereo (a2dp) and mono(hsp/hfp) bluetooth headsets.

PBAP - The Phonebook Client (PCE)
mentor: Claudio Takahasi
student: Larry de Oliveira Lira Junior

Larry and Claudio will be adding the client support of pbap to BlueZ.

mentor: Eduardo de Barros Lima
student: Li Dongyang
Eduardo and Li will be creating a hi-level/convenient python component
on top of dbus-python.

HFP Emulation
mentor: Vinicius Costa Gomes
student: Firas Omar Assaad
Vinicius and Firas will be working on making your computer look as a Bluetooth
Hands-Free device.

Extend obex-data-server with BIP support
mentor: Claudio Takahasi
Tadas Dailyda

Tadas is already know by BlueZ comunity for his work in last year summer of code,
this year he will be mentored by Claudio to extent obex-data-server.


IcoNyx said...

Is there a progress site on this project?

I am HUGELY interested in seeing a2dp support integrated to Pulse...

Vudentz said...

There is a work in progress to stabilize this on pa, it is already on the repository since a long time.