Monday, April 20, 2009

GSoC 2009

BlueZ was accepted as a organization in 2009 and granted with 6 slots (+1) on GSoC, we got a total of 37 proposals where just 2 were considered ineligible, and here are the projects as well as the students which will take part of program this year:

Student: Claudiu Coman
Mentors: Vinicius Gomes
Title: Generic HID

The idea is similar to remoko, which was part of last year GSoC program under openmoko organization, but aiming to be more generic and done as a plugin to bluetoothd.

Student: João Paulo Rechi Vita
Mentor: me
Title: A2DP Sink Role

Joao is back, he did the PulseAudio integration with bluez audio subsystem, but this time doing some work on the bluetoothd but not restrict to it since we want the plugins (alsa, PulseAudio and eventually gstreamer) too. Most of the code for avdtp/a2dp is already done so just small changes are really needed on bluetoothd, now for the plugins is a completely different story since the receiver can be a lot more complicated then the sender and sbc decoder is not as tested as the encoder.

Student: Gustavo Padovan
Mentor: Marcel Holtmann
Title: L2CAP Enhanced Retransmission Support

Marcel himself is going to mentor Gustavo which already started doing some code for either kernel and userspace. This is an optional L2CAP feature, that allows more control of the Error Rate and more information about the data flow, very useful for audio streaming.

Student: MO Faruque Sarker
Mentor: Claudio Takahasi
Title: A One-Step Bluetooth Device Setup Wizard Using 2D Data-matrix symbol

Very interesting and promising idea, very suitable for smart phones where cameras are very common. It can probably be used (or reuse) for other stuffs like cable association, so the devices doesn't need to stay on discoverable mode to be paired.

Student: Nehul Malhotra
Mentor: Claudio Takahasi
Title: SIM Access Client

SIM Access profile is one of the few profiles BlueZ has no support so far.

Student: Yasir Khan
Mentor: Vinicius Gomes
Title: Wireshark live capture integration

The idea is to have Wireshark fully replacing hcidump so we can really make use of wireshark for development.

Congratulations to all students.

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